Monday, August 29, 2016

Queen of the South

SEATTLE, WA (August 7, 2016) - I arrive in town just in time for Seafair Weekend at Genesee Park. A fun time of boat races, tailgating on Lake Washington and an airshow. The highlight of the weekend is the U.S. Navy Blue Angels flying over Lake Washington. The only problem is I didn't plan ahead. We decided to head downtown after the airshow had already begun. It's a shocker that there was no place to park! So years ago I remembered finding a neighborhood on the South side of Seattle with a nice view of the city. I didn't remember exactly how to get there, but knew the general area. Without too much trouble we found it. In my mind I thought I had an original idea. As it turns out, about 100 people had the exact same idea. Keep in mind, the airshow was happening on the other side of the city. I was just kind of hoping to get a glimpse of the Blue Angels flying over the lake. As everyone stood around talking, without a sound, the Blue Angels came banking around the city from left to right. I swung my camera up and laid on the shutter. I would say about 95%+ of the people missed it. It was that quick. Anyway, here's the image I captured. Thanks for looking.

The Blue Angels

Sunday, August 28, 2016


August, 2016 - I've always thought that Seattle and Bellevue have some of the most interesting and beautiful architecture. On my latest trip to the area, I spent some time photographing the city. Most of the images were captured via iPhone from the car. The black and white images were captured with one of my favorite apps called 6x6. This is a photo app that emulates a 6x6 TLR film camera. The POV is like looking at the ground glass and realistically flips the image. A little tricky at first when framing your shot because left moves right and right moves left. The lead shot obviously wasn't shot with the iPhone. I took a trip into the city at 22:00 on a beautiful summer night. It was still about 79 degrees and crystal clear. I only had a desktop tripod with me, so I had to walk around the railing and set the camera on a power box. I captured the image with the 5D3 at ISO 100, f/11 for 30 seconds.