Monday, August 30, 2021

August, 2021 Miscellaneous Images

 (August, 2021) - Here are some miscellaneous images captured during the month. It’s a really slow time of year for wildlife, but hopefully will be picking up towards the end of the year.

August, 2021 Photowalks

 (August, 2021) - My friend Leonard, who does a lot of work for a non-profit organization in Long Beach, coordinated some Neighborhood Photowalk workshops in August. He invited me to lead one for Nature Photography. Had a great time at the Dominguez Gap Wetlands.  Here’s some images from the workshop.


My Front Yard

 (August, 2021) - As I was pulling into my driveway, I noticed a large Cooper’s Hawk with a kill sitting on my grass. I slowly backed out of the driveway and pulled up parallel. Fortunately, I was coming back from a workshop and had a camera in the car with me. He was not spooked at all and hung out for about 30 minutes. It was amazing to witness this happening at home.



Saturday, July 31, 2021

July, 2021 Miscellaneous

 (July, 2021) - It’s a slow time of year when all the babies have fledged, so here’s some miscellaneous images from the local area.