Wednesday, April 30, 2014

2014 Track and Field - Part 1

WALNUT, Calif. (April 18-19, 2014) - Another year at the Mt. SAC Relays...this has become a tradition for me because of the competition and phenomenal athletes. This year turned out to have a slightly different format plus the absence of printed schedules. It took me a little bit to get used to trying to read an iPhone in bright sunlight and relying on audibles from the announcers. All in all, I adapted quickly and here are some selections from the event.

My remote

Mr. Crowe

David Brown runs 22.44 in the 200 Meter Dash Vision Impaired for a new World Record

Richard Browne runs 21.91 in the 200 Meter Dash Ambulatory for a new World Record

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Comfortably numb

LAS VEGAS, NV (April 4, 2014) - Spent the weekend at the Bellagio thanks to Mr. Miller and Jaqueline. There was a little work involved, but also a little relaxation and pleasure. The lead image speaks to the latter...Here are a some images from the weekend.

A view from the room


The Erie train station to get to Starbucks