Monday, October 31, 2016

Let there be Light

CARSON, Calif. (October, 2016) - Had the opportunity to shoot a soccer game in the StubHub Center recently. It's been about a year since I've covered any events there. I think I started shooting games at the then Home Depot Center in 2005. Since then the lighting has always been less than stellar. In fact, what made it difficult is that the exposure varied based on field location. I used to divide the field into 4 zones (down the line, far goal, far side and in front of the near goal). All of these zones were slightly different and required you to roll your exposure while following the action. The consequence was unrecoverable shadow detail.

Much to my surprise, the StubHub Center has fixed all the issues. I could immediately tell by the even light across the field (see below). They even fixed the angle of the lights, so that when you are shooting across the field you are not getting glare into the lens. Thank you StubHub! Here's some samples from the game.

Full frame with the 400mm

Ps. - for those who have shot at the StubHub/Home Depot Center, as you are walking out the tunnel to the field, to your left they have built a nice lounge. Looks pretty sweet!