Saturday, December 10, 2011

A Blood Red Moon

Starting at 05:30 this morning, the last total lunar eclipse until 2014 took place. It was clear and cold, but I got out of bed and shot the various stages. Unfortunately, the moon dropped behind some low cloud cover shortly after the full eclipse.

A lunar eclipse happens when the Earth slips between the sun and the moon, casting a long shadow on the lunar surface and darkening it. But sunlight filters in through the edges of the Earth’s atmosphere, casting a reddish-orange glow on the moon.


Jessica is a member of her school's Show Choir. This past week they had their Holiday Concert. Below are some photos which were shot ambient at high iso.

Winter, 2011 Performance

The studio has grown by leaps and bounds. It's now to the point where we need to schedule small groups at different times to accommodate everyone. Lots of new faces this time around and they all did fantastic. I mixed, filmed and recorded the show and Terrie shot the photos.