Monday, February 20, 2012

3 Point Extravaganza

The Titans pulled off a victory against the UC Santa Barbara Gauchos in front of a packed home crowd. Kwame Vaughn (#5) scored a career high 37 points and Isiah Umipig (#13) added 25 as the Titans beat UC Santa Barbara 99-86. The Titans shot 65% from the three point line for a record (17) 3-point baskets.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hoops at the Pyramid

For those who didn't know, I had a main board failure in my old Macbook. It's taken me a little time to acquire a new laptop and configure everything to work with OSX Lion. I'm almost there with the exception of some film scanner issues.

Anyway, these are some photos from the Titans trip to the Pyramid in late January. The game was close, but in the end the 49ers were too much for the the Titans winning 75-61.

Clipper Darrell