Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Medium Format - 2024 - Little Corona - Day 148

 CORONA DEL MAR, Calif. (May 27, 2024) - Early morning shots from Memorial Day weekend. Shot with the XCD 45P and the XCD 80mm.

Medium Format - 2024 - Northen Lights - Day 133

OMAHA, NE (May 12, 2024) - So the previous evening was magnificent, but I had taken relatively short exposures. What I wanted to do on this evening was to get a longer exposure so I could see the star trails rotating around the North Star. Unfortunately, at around 22:00 there was nothing and I was ready to call it. But around 23:00, I decided to start an exposure for about 30 minutes for the hell of it. After about 25 minutes, I went back outside to bring the camera in. To my surprise, I could see a green glow coming up on the horizon. It quickly escalated to an awesome show, but for only 8 minutes and then it was gone. Below is my 25 minute exposure using the Hasselblad X2D with the XCD 45mm. A longer exposure would have been better, but it would have stopped after 40 minutes. Just glad I decided to shoot this one.

The Northern Lights - Day 132

 OMAHA, NE (May 11, 2024) - In my mind, the only place to view the Northern Lights is from Iceland. Every photo I’ve ever seen, seems to be from there. Imagine my surprise when I’m in Omaha watching the morning news and they are saying that the Northern Lights will be visible tonight? I couldn’t believe it, but was outside with the camera that evening. To the naked eye, all I saw was a little glow on the horizon and then some vertical shafts were starting to form, but nothing like I have seen in photos. It wasn’t until I pulled out my phone to take a photo, and then I could see everything! What a night!

Monday, May 27, 2024

Medium Format - 2024 - Lake Cunningham - Day 131

 OMAHA, NE (May 10, 2024) - Some images from Lake Cunningham in Omaha.

Medium Format - 2024 - Ziggy, Clover and Rose - Day 130

 OMAHA, NE (May 9, 2024) - Shot some images of Ziggy, Clover and Rose. Although Rose, the most recent addition, was to hard to get close to. All shot with the XCD 80mm at f/1.9.



Medium Format - 2024 - Sake - Day 126

 May 5, 2024 - Caught Sake laying by the front door and because the natural light was so nice, I grabbed the Hasselblad and captured this image with the XCD 80mm at f/1.9. This is one of those magical lenses that almost always gives a pleasing rendition.

Medium Format - 2024 - Day 118

 April 27, 2024 - Testing the canned Hasselblad templates with some images of Wes and Mochi. Both shot with the XCD 45P. Love this lens…


Spring Wildlife - Day 118

 ORANGE, Calif. - Some very nice activity in Orange County this spring. This is probably the best year I can remember for the Barn Owls.