Friday, March 29, 2013


LONG BEACH, Calif. - I was beginning to feel like a stepchild, but I finally had the chance to get out and see the band Cynder. They are local boys from Huntington Beach and Clark is a family friend that plays guitar for the band. Every time I see him he plays me new songs he's written from his phone. Earlier this month they played at a local restaurant/bar and I had the chance to get out with the cameras.

Here's the bio from their website:

"The music of Cynder is a great blend of rock meshed with colorful riffs, topped with amped, melodic vocals. The result is a mixture of deep moods and emotions ranging from aggressive to peaceful, from cynical to melancholy. The band is fronted by Scot Chronister (former frontman for Allergic). Lyrically, Cynder is about the serious and simple moments in life. No issue is left unsung and the band brings heart, precision, and passion to the table for the perfect mix. The music is palatable and radio-friendly, and the infectious guitar-work of Clark and Jerry mixed with the unmistakable driving beat of JBH and Nick's rhythmic stylings give this 5-piece a unique sound of their own".

The following images were captured with the Nikon D3 with the 24mm and 85mm primes at ISO 2500.

Clark - guitar

Jerry - guitar

Scot - vocals

Brett - bass

Nick - drums

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