Saturday, March 30, 2013

Bridging the Gap

As the 35mm camera world continues to chase Medium Format megapixels, in certain areas they are still worlds apart. Sure you can pack more pixels on the same size sensor, but the results are not comparable. Other than image sensor differences, the other problem is that the high quality medium format lenses cannot be adapted to a smaller sensor.

Enter the Rhino Cam...This is a device that adapts my Hasselblad lenses to a Sony NEX digital body. The concept is that the camera sensor moves/slides while the lens stays stationary. This equates to every frame being shot in the sweet spot of the lens, thus minimal loss of sharpness and quality at the edges and corners. Also, minimal distortion!

For panoramic shots you shoot six frames in landscape orientation and stitch them together. There is also a 645 format in which you shoot eight frames in portrait orientation. Below is the final image after stitching them in Photoshop. It is somewhere in the neighborhood of 100 megapixels.

The next two are crops from the far left and right sides of the image. 

Left side

Right side

The image was shot with a Sony NEX 5R, Hasselblad 50mm FLE at f/8, ISO 100. BTW, I'm still not ready to hangup my film cameras! Stay tuned, more film shots to come...

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