Monday, July 29, 2019


HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. (July, 2019) - I've been patiently waiting and studying the full frame mirrorless offerings from both Canon and Nikon. In September, 2018 Nikon released the Z7. Initial reports indicated a small buffer and auto-focus issues on moving subjects. In October, 2018 Canon released the EOS R. Similarly, the initial reviews showed the camera has auto-focus issues on moving subjects and only a 30.3 MP sensor. Enter the Sony A7R III. This camera has a 42 MP sensor with fast auto-focus and Eye AF. With rumors of the A7R IV, the used market was flooded with good deals on the A7R III's. I was able to pick one up and so far have been very pleased with both image quality and performance. Below are some landscape images shot with the Sony. Will post some action shots soon.

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