Friday, October 7, 2011


I've been browsing through a lot of old events trying to catch up on my postings and have run across quite a few photos of myself. A little self indulgent, but here they are.

(L-R) Me, Reed Saxon (AP), Grant Brown, Matt Brown
and Bryan Crowe

Test driving a RED

Setting up remote for the Steeple Chase

Testing focus on the post remote
A test shot from the "shot clock cam" at Cal State Fullerton
In the background at the D1 Baseball Regionals hosted at
Goodwin Field (photo: Bryan Crowe)
Walking the track at the 2013 Mt. SAC Relays
Covering the Pole Vault at the 2013 Mt. SAC Relays

On the infield at the 2011 Mt. SAC Relays (photo: Bryan Crowe)
Chimping in the bullpen at the D1 Baseball Super-Regionals at UCLA (photo: Bryan Crowe)
A scanned film shot while setting up glass cams at Cal State Fullerton (photo: Bryan Crowe)
 Testing the glass cam with Matt Brown at the Anaheim Arena
At the D1 Big West Basketball Tournament with Matt Brown
On the field at the LA Blues soccer game
At Titan Stadium, October 30, 2011 (photo: Bryan Crowe)
Pre-season Basketball at Titan Gym (photo: Bryan Crowe)

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